• January 9, 2018

Brazil | Resolution for packaging requirements and health warnings for smoking tobacco products

This Resolution applies to all smoking products marketed domestically, domestically manufactured and imported. The primary and secondary packaging of all smoking products derived from tobacco should contain health warnings about the harm arising from the use of these products and the message prohibiting the sale for children under the age of eighteen, as provided in this Resolution. All health warnings and the prohibition message for the sale for children younger than eighteen years old must be printed on the outside of the packaging in high resolution, legibly and ostensibly highlighted, according to the models in the Annexes of this Resolution, without changing the proportionality between its elements, as well as its graphic parameters.

The provisions of this Resolution comply with the WHO FCTC, adopted by the Member States of the World Health Organization on May 21, 2003 and signed by Brazil on June 16, 2003, promulgated by Decree 5,658, of January 2, 2006, and follow the guidelines for its implementation, approved by the Conference of the Parties.

This Resolution revokes the Resolutions RDC 335, of November 21, 2003; RDC 168 of July G/TBT/N/BRA/769 - 2 - 07, 2004; RDC 10 of February 15, 2007; RDC 30, of May 23, 2013; RDC 43, of September 3, 2013 and RDC 14, April 10, 2015.

Link to resolution the resolution.


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