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EU Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety release preliminary opinion on Hydroxyapatite in Cosmetic Products

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The Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety (SCCS) has published opinion on the safety of the nanomaterial Hydroxyapatite in cosmetic products, following the request from the European Commission submitted in March 2022. The SCCS has concluded that Hydroxyapatite in leave-on and rinse-off dermal and oral cosmetic products is safe at the maximum concentrations and specifications reported. However, the SCCS cannot conclude on the safety of Hydroxyapatite composed of rod-shaped nanoparticles in oral-care cosmetic products due to insufficient data on the genotoxic potential of the material. The SCCS also has scientific concerns regarding the use of Hydroxyapatite in needle-shaped form in cosmetic products and has concluded that there is a basis for concern about potential toxicity. The SCCS is ready to assess any evidence provided to support the safe use of Hydroxyapatite in cosmetic products.

The preliminary opinion can be commented until the 1 March 2023


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