Safety first: Food packers shun recycled plastics, for now

Tetra Pak, the iconic Swedish maker of beverage cartons, is currently staying away from using recycled plastics in the inside lining of its packages – the most sensitive bit that comes in contact with drinks.

But this could all change under EU proposals due this year.

“While we see the use of recycled plastics as a great opportunity to further reduce the environmental impact of our packaging, food safety is the cornerstone of our industry and cannot be compromised.”

Coming from Dennis Jönsson, the President and CEO of Tetra Pak, those words are hardly surprising.

“At the moment there are no food-grade recycled plastics available for the plastics we currently use in our packages,” Jönsson told EURACTIV in e-mailed comments, saying Tetra Pak currently does not use any recycled plastic in food contact materials.



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