New ASTM Standard Guide for Derivation of Health-Based Exposure Limits (HBELs)

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E3219 Standard Guide for Derivation of Health-Based Exposure Limits (HBELs) is a new standard now available. E3219-20


Significance and Use

4.1 Guidelines for unintended human exposure to active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) are required by various global regulations as part of international quality requirements, needed as good product stewardship, and are considered the industry standard.

4.2 Application of the approach described within this guide applies a scientifically justified, data-driven, approach to deriving safe limits for unintended exposures to individual substances. These limits can then be further used to calculate cleaning limits used in quality risk assessment for the manufacture of pharmaceuticals. The HBEL approach considers substance-specific properties (type of effect, potency, pharmacology, safety profile, and so forth). Specific approaches are applicable to different categories of substances and in specific stages in drug development.



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