Shandong Consults on Administrative Measures on Chemical Investment Projects

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On May 29, 2019, the Department of Industry and Information Technology of Shandong Province issued a notice seeking feedback on the Administrative Measures of Shandong Province on Chemical Investment Projects. The public consultation is set to end on June 5, 2019.

Previously on December 23, 2017, Shandong’s provincial government published the Provisional Administrative Measures of Shandong Province on Chemical Investment Projects, laying out principles and requirements for the building, upgrading, and expansion of chemical investment projects. The provisional measures came into effect on the date of its issuance and was scheduled to expire in two years.

According to an official from the Shandong Leading Group Office for Safe Production, Transformation, and Upgrading of Chemical Industry, compared with provisional measures, the most significant change made in the newly released draft is that the provincial-level joint review system is discarded. By specifying the principle that “the reviewers and those in charge should be held responsible”, the Measures are designed to enhance compliance oversight and strengthen inspections and guidance on relevant businesses. 

The Measures provides that, in principle, chemical investment projects should be implemented in chemical parks, specialized chemical parks, or areas subject to intensive oversight which are recognized by the provincial government, while complying with relevant urban and rural planning, land-use, and industrial development programs. Meanwhile, the minimum investment for new hazardous chemical investment projects should be RMB 300 million.

In addition, the Measures also clarifies the categories and scope of projects which can be implemented outside the aforementioned sites. They include chemical investment projects which are engaged in manufacturing of organic fertilizers, microbial fertilizers, explosives, and initiators and pyrotechnics, or which work solely on mixing and packaging of chemical products and fall under the EIA categories of “Report Form” and “Registration Form” according to Catalogue for the Classified Administration of Environmental Impact Assessments for Construction Projects.



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