EPA Signs MOU with The Water Research Foundation Advancing Nutrient Management Efforts

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WASHINGTON — Today, as part of the Trump Administration’s commitment to protecting America’s waters through smart partnerships and market-based approaches, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with The Water Research Foundation (WRF) to accelerate progress on reducing excess nutrients in the nation’s waterways.

“EPA believes that if we can empower farmers with proven market-based and watershed-centered technologies and approaches they need to better manage nutrients from livestock manure, we can accelerate meaningful progress on the country’s longstanding excess nutrients challenge,” said EPA Office of Water Assistant Administrator David Ross. “EPA is pleased to partner with The Water Research Foundation to advance nutrient recovery science and innovation, support on-farm demonstrations and installations, and help make the connections needed across the nutrient value chain to maximize environmental and economic results.”

The MOU builds on successes achieved through the Nutrient Recycling Challenge, a competition launched by EPA with WRF and others to develop affordable technologies to recycle nutrients from livestock manure. Through the new MOU, EPA and WRF will collaborate with the agricultural community to build capacity and awareness of programs and tools that support watershed and market-based approaches to nutrient management. 



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