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Fluorinated gases and ozone depleting substances: member states ready to negotiate with Parliament

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Member states agreed today on a mandate for the presidency to start negotiations with the European Parliament on two proposals for regulations that aim to phase down substances that cause greenhouse gas emissions and deplete the ozone layer. The proposals aim at limiting global temperature rise in line with the Paris Agreement.

While existing EU legislation has already limited the use of these gases significantly, the proposals discussed today will further reduce their emissions into the atmosphere.

Ozone depleting substances, or ODS, are still allowed in laboratories and chemical production and reclaimed (reprocessed) ODS can be used in specialised fire protection equipment like in airplanes.

Fluorinated greenhouse gases, or F-gases, are included in a wide range of products used in everyday life, such as fridges, air conditioning and medicines. They are also used in heat pumps and switchgear devices in electric power systems.



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