EU opens door to climate-neutral industry

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The hydrogen alliance is too vague on what is considered ‘clean’. The EU’s new industrial strategy, published today, is an important step on the road to climate-neutrality, making a clear link to the need to decarbonise Europe’s economy. The strategy contains key measures to clean up Europe’s highest emitting sectors, such as steel, cement and chemicals. Notably, it refers to the need to create new markets for zero-carbon technologies and recognises the ‘energy efficiency first principle’. It also mentions the launch of a Just Transition Platform to support carbon-intensive regions and industries, which is crucial for a socially fair transition. 

However, in order to reach the climate neutrality goal while maintaining competitiveness, the strategy must do more. It needs to set clear intermediate and long-term targets, as well as pathways for the industry to reach them, implement an ‘Independent Observatory’ including civil society to monitor the progress of Energy Intensive Industries towards decarbonisation, and define sustainable criteria and targeted uses of hydrogen. 



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