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France Continues to Defend the Classification of Titanium Dioxide as a Suspected Carcinogen

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The French Ministry of Ecology has announced that it will continue to advocate for the classification of titanium dioxide as a suspected carcinogen at the European Union level. This decision comes after the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) committee recommended last year that titanium dioxide should not be classified as a carcinogen.

Titanium dioxide is a widely used white pigment that is found in many products such as paints, cosmetics, and food. However, some studies have suggested that it may pose a health risk when inhaled. In 2019, France classified titanium dioxide as a Category 2 suspected carcinogen, a move that was supported by several other EU member states.

The French Ministry of Ecology has argued that the ECHA committee did not take into account all of the available scientific evidence when making its recommendation. It has also emphasized the precautionary principle, which requires taking preventive measures in situations where there is scientific uncertainty about potential risks to human health or the environment.

France's decision has been welcomed by some environmental and health organizations, which have expressed concerns about the potential health risks associated with titanium dioxide. However, it has been criticized by some industry groups, which have argued that the classification could have negative economic impacts.

The debate over the classification of titanium dioxide is likely to continue, as the European Commission is expected to make a final decision on the matter in the coming months.


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