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Literature review and assessment of available toxicological data for PFAS

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In the present study, a search was carried out on the current toxicological and epidemiological data on 20 perfluorinated alkyl substances (PFAS, C4-C13 carboxylic and sulfonic acids) regulated in the Drinking Water Ordinance as well as 4 substitutes (GenX, ADONA, 6 :2 FTSA , C604). The aim was to prepare this data as a basis for the toxicological assessment of the substances with regard to their occurrence in drinking water. The data collected is intended to form the basis for the calculation of health-related guide values ​​or the derivation of health-related indicator values ​​(HRIV, German GOW) for drinking water. However, the actual calculation of the hr-guide values ​​and the derivation of HRIV/GOW is not part of this study.



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