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For the first time environmental groups take legal action against the approval of five pesticides, including glyphosate, in Germany

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Environmental Action Germany (DUH) (DUH) and foodwatch have initiated legal proceedings against the authorization of five pesticides, including glyphosate. This marks the first legal action by environmental organizations against the authorization of pesticide products in Germany. The DUH has filed objections with the Federal Office of Consumer Protection and Food Safety against the approvals of several pesticides. The goal of the five lawsuits is to stop the sale of selected products with particularly toxic and environmentally harmful active ingredients. The federal government had previously prevented German environmental associations from judicially reviewing the approval of pesticides to protect chemical companies. The lawsuits are based on the EU's Aarhus Convention and a recent ruling by the European Court of Justice. If the objections are not resolved, the DUH has announced it will file lawsuits.

The organizations are specifically targeting the herbicides Gardo Gold from Syngenta AG, Roundup Powerflex from Monsanto Deutschland GmbH, Tactic from Adama, and Elipris from Corteva GmbH Munich, as well as the insecticide Sherpa Duo. All of the products contain highly toxic active ingredients that poison water, kill important food plants, and enter the human body through water and food. Some of these substances cannot be removed from the environment. The resulting dangers to the environment and health are deemed unacceptable by DUH and foodwatch.

Rechtsanwältin Caroline Douhaire, who represents the DUH in the proceedings, calls it scandalous that the federal government has prevented environmental associations from legally challenging the approval of environmentally and health-harmful products for years with the Environmental Legal Remedy Act. This is now history, thanks to the European Court of Justice's recent ruling. She said that they can finally take action against the legally questionable approvals of highly toxic agents.

Jürgen Resch, DUH's CEO, states that if the Federal Office does not revoke the approvals of the criticized pesticide products, they will immediately apply for a court decision. This is not the first time DUH has been involved in lawsuits. In November of last year, the DUH used the European Court of Justice to clarify that environmental associations in Germany can take legal action against all types of approvals with harmful environmental effects.

Annemarie Botzki of foodwatch stated that the active ingredients in pesticides have disastrous consequences for consumers, animals, and nature. These substances destroy biodiversity and remain in our water and bodies as chemicals that cannot be removed. She concludes by saying that these toxins must no longer be used.



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