Minister Xu Mingchun of the Ministry of Labor ensures industrial safety and assist the national green energy policy to proceed smoothly

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Minister Xu Mingchun said that green energy is an important national policy. According to the "4 Year Wind Power Generation Promotion Plan" planned by the Ministry of Economy, offshore wind power will be the focus of future power supply development, and the country should also take into account while developing green energy industry. Labor work is safe and healthy, and the "offshore wind power demonstration wind farm new construction project" that is supervised today is one of the most critical projects for the development of green energy technology in China. According to foreign construction experience, common risks during the construction of the project include falling and flying objects. In order to urge institutions to implement construction safety management, the Ministry of Labor has established a state-owned inter-ministerial platform recently, and hopes to ensure the safety and health of labor operations through inter-ministerial joint audit.

Source: (Automatically translated from Mandarin)

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