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New Roadmap Aims to Boost Safety in Nanotechnology

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In a recent publication, experts unveiled a roadmap to enhance safety standards in nanotechnology. This roadmap, published in the scientific journal NANOIMPACT, builds upon existing standards and identifies key areas for improvement.

The roadmap focuses on making nanomaterials and nano-related products safer by standardizing various aspects of their use. It looks at things like how these materials are characterized, assessing the risks they pose, and evaluating their social and economic impact.

The publication assesses ongoing efforts in these areas, categorizing them as limited, moderate, or intense. It also highlights priority areas for action, all with the goal of ensuring the safe use of nanotechnology.

This roadmap is a valuable resource for researchers, industries, and regulators working to improve safety in nanotechnology. Its publication in NANOIMPACT marks an important step in addressing safety concerns in this field.


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