Toxicological basic data for the derivation of EU-LCI values for five substances from building products

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The subject of this project was the preparation of substance reports for the following compounds: dipropylene glycol mono n (t) -butyl ether (CAS No. 29911-28-2, 35884-42-5, 132739-31-2), 2-(2-hexyloxyethoxy)ethanol (CAS No. 112-59-4), 1-propenylbenzene (CAS No. 637-50-3, 873-66-5), dipropylene glycol mono methyl ether acetate (CAS No. 88917-22-0) and hydroxyacetone (CAS No. 116-09-6).

For these substances, the toxicological data basis were researched, compiled and evaluated, and European Lowest Concentration of Interest (EU-LCI) values were proposed. The EU-LCI values form the basis for assessing health effects of emissions from construction products and allow the harmonization of the health assessment of construction product emissions throughout Europe. The final EU-LCI values are set by the EU-LCI Working Group, a group of experts from ten European countries, and may differ from the proposals contained in this report. The EU-LCI Working Group is currently developing a harmonized European list of substances and their associated emission limits (EU-LCI values). The substance reports developed within this project support and accelerate this process. 



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