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Joint letter on improved chemical legislation with the EU's chemicals strategy from Danish stakeholders in the Chemical Forum

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Environment Minister Magnus Heunicke, on behalf of members of the Chemicals Forum, has just sent a letter to the EU Commission with a number of calls for the implementation of the chemicals strategy in the upcoming revision of European legislation. At the same time, Kemikalieforum has a new chairman, Martin Fabiansen, who is also the director of Ecolabelling Denmark.

The EU Commission works with the implementation of the EU's chemicals strategy and, among other things, revises the EU's chemicals legislation. In this connection, members of Kemikalieforum have drawn up a letter with a large number of concrete calls, which, among other things, are about removing the most harmful chemicals from consumer products and at the same time ensuring stronger requirements for data collection and better information for consumers.

The Chemical Forum was set up by the Minister for the Environment almost 10 years ago and includes business organisations, green organisations, consumer organisations, professional organisations, authorities, researchers etc.


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