Arnika | Testing of products for toxic chemicals

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Phthalates are mainly used as softeners in the production of plastics, especially in the widespread PVC. In addition to floor coverings, we can also find them in toys for children, printing on clothes, paints, pesticides, or cosmetics. In the Czech Republic, phthalates were banned in children's toys in 2001 on the basis of proof of their toxicity, and the European Union has further restricted their use in production since July 2020. "Unfortunately, this is not yet the case in Serbia, as in other non-EU countries. Although a good legislative framework for the regulation of chemicals has been established there, significant shortcomings in its practical implementation remain, including weaker regulation of phthalates. The chemical safety of products should be the norm in today's society. That is why we are working with non-governmental organizations in Serbia to enforce the same restrictions on phthalates as in the EU," says the head of Arnika’s Toxics and Waste programme, 



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