Nail products containing toluene | California proposes listing as a Priority Product

DTSC proposes to list nail products containing Toluene as a Priority Product with a Chemical of Concern. DTSC has developed a draft technical document, the Product-Chemical Profile on Nail Products containing Toluene, to explain the scientific, regulatory, and policy bases for the proposal. A public workshop is scheduled for March 13, 2019, to discuss and receive public input on the draft product-chemical profile. DTSC will also share information on its previous and ongoing investigations on the presence of other Candidate Chemicals in nail products.

Toluene is a volatile solvent in some nail products that is released from products into air and can be inhaled. Dermal and oral exposure to toluene from nail products can also occur. Toluene has been detected in a range of nail products, as well as in indoor air in nail salons and in the breathing zones of nail salon workers. Toluene exposure has been linked to health effects including adverse nervous system effects, respiratory tract effects, and developmental toxicity.



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