How Your Company Can Tackle Toxics in 2019

Brands should take note of a new retail sustainability trend that responds to growing consumer demand for healthier products and full ingredient disclosure.

Major retailers are increasingly adopting policies that restrict the use of hazardous chemicals in the products and packaging they buy and sell, as well as across their global supply chains. This trend unleashes new opportunities for innovation and business development for suppliers of reformulated products and packaging that rely on more sustainable chemistry and materials.With great market power comes great responsibility

Scientific evidence implicates products and packaging as a daily source of human exposure to toxic chemicals linked to chronic disease, disability and early death. Yet, the federal government is rolling back regulation of those products and putting chemical industry staff in charge of government programs that are supposed to protect our families from chemical hazards.

It’s incumbent on major retailers to step up and fill this major regulatory void to protect consumers and meet the rising consumer demand for safe and healthy products. Retailers have the power and moral responsibility to eliminate and safely replace toxic chemicals to “mind the store.”



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