ECHA - Coming soon: find a biocide with its trade name

At the end of November, ECHA will make more information available on biocides. You will be able to pick up a biocidal product in a shop and type its name into our database. You will know where in Europe its use is authorised, what its main ingredients are and how to use it safely. The aim is to make information on biocides more transparent.

More transparency - With the help of ECHA public database, it will be easier for companies and consumers to make more informed choices on biocides.

For every biocidal product that has been authorised in the EU area, you will see a map of the countries where the product is authorised to be used. You will also know what its main ingredients are and how to use it safely. As well as this, you will have access to the assessment done by national authorities on each product and information about their risks to humans, animals and the environment.

Karina Kubinakova from ECHA’s dissemination team explains the need for the project. “The aim is to improve transparency on biocides. The main development is the fact that the summary of product characteristics, which companies are required to create for each product, will now be publicly available in our database”.



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