• April 28, 2020
  • EFSA

2nd EFSA Technical Group meeting on PESTICIDES –IUCLID Pilot

Your substances


Parma, Italy 26 February 2020 to 27 February 2020





Day 1

  1. Welcome, apologies for absence and Adoption of agenda
  2. New collaboration agreement with ECHA
  3. EFSA: IUCLID pesticides pilot report Phase 1
  4. DG-SANTE: Alignment with New Transparency Regulations / GFL
  5. Knoell: Conclusions from building 2 dossiers
  6. RMS: Insight from Germany
  7. RMS: Insight from France
  8. Industry: POC and the GAP tool
  9. Industry: Report on ‘Industry Stress Test of IUCLID’
  10. ECHA: IUCLID Minimum Viable Product

Day 2

  1. The information lifecycle from dossier to draft assessment report to conclusion
  2. Confidentiality and filtering
  3. Prioritisation and work plan Backlog Items – Features
  4. Prioritisation and work plan Backlog Items – Format
  5. The next phase of the Technical group

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