The Greenpeace Detox campaign is showing results

The textiles industry is a major user of hazardous chemicals and a well-known polluter of freshwater. For many years, countries that manufacture clothes have witnessed multi-coloured rivers and waterways as a result of discharges from the dyeing and processing of textiles for global clothing brands.

The colourful water hides a very serious problem – toxic chemicals. Some of which are known to cause cancer or disrupt hormonal systems in humans and animals.

This is why Greenpeace launched its campaign Detox My Fashion seven years ago, challenging big clothing brands to take responsibility for environmental impacts of their supply chains and commit to achieve zero discharges of hazardous chemicals by 2020.

Last week Greenpeace Germany launched a report that, for the first time, maps the steps taken by the 80 companies that adhered to the campaign. The report shows that all companies have achieved significant progress and are well on their way in the detox process.



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