• March 30, 2018
  • VCI

Guidance on Dealing with External Companies and Contractors

The VCI has developed a guidance for the safety evaluation of contractors, in which concepts for the assessment of contractors are presented. The aim of the guidance is to define criteria that can be used for the assessment of external companies. Thus, a harmonized evaluation of contractors by the member companies of the VCI can be achieved. On the basis of the VCI guidance, companies can more easily develop their own assessment guidelines or checklists for external companies. 

The "VCI Guidance on Contractor Management and Corporate-Specific Guidelines for Contractors" wants to assist the VCI membership in developing corporate-specific guidelines for contractors and in the selection of contractors. In the meaning of Responsible Care, this is about i) ensuring occupational safety & health and plant safety by way of clear rules for contractor deployment in the chemical industry, ii) optimising the cooperation with contractors, and iii) developing a joint course of action for the comparative assessment and approval of contractors.



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