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European Union's Foresight Study Reveals Positive Impact of Circular Economy on Workers' Safety and Health

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The European Union's official website, EU-OSHA, has released the findings of a foresight study that explores the relationship between the circular economy (CE) and workers' safety and health. The study reveals that the transition to a circular economy not only plays a crucial role in the fight against climate change but also has significant benefits for workers.

The study, which delves into the future and envisions the year 2040, examines how the adoption of a circular economy model will impact workers' safety and health. In the second phase of the study, the initial four macro-scenarios were refined, and 16 micro-scenarios were developed to encompass various worker groups, including low-skilled, high-skilled, and migrant employees in sectors such as construction, transport, and manufacturing.

The study's outcomes highlight the potential of the circular economy to create a more sustainable, safer, and healthier future of work, emphasizing the importance of integrating occupational health and safety considerations into circular economy strategies. This research sets the stage for informed decision-making and policy development aimed at promoting worker well-being while advancing environmental sustainability.

Link to Foresight Study on the Circular Economy and its effects on Occupational Safety and Health


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