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PFAS restriction | FPP4EU outlines a 6-point plan to reach a workable restriction proposal

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Members of FluoroProducts and PFAS for Europe understand and support a balanced regulatory action on PFAS. In response to the universal PFAS restriction proposal, the members of this group have formulated their views on how to make the current restriction proposal practical, workable and enforceable. As such, they call on EU policymakers to focus on six actions when revisiting the proposal published on 7 February 2023:

  1. Ensure all PFAS uses are known to avoid supply chain disruptions and unintentional elimination of key applications;
  2. Prevent a ban on the use of critical PFAS-containing pieces of equipment in industrial plants;
  3. When assessing PFAS, keep in mind that they differ from one another;
  4. Consider the importance of PFAS in achieving EU policy objectives;
  5. Address economic impacts of the proposal along the entire value chain; and
  6. Robustly review the enforceability of the proposal.

FPP4EU is developing tools to help policymakers identify where additional exemptions may be allowed. These include a decision tree and a non-exhaustive list of generic uses not covered by the proposal.

FFP4EU members will continue engaging with the competent authorities and European Chemicals Agency on this file.



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