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New Zealand | Vaping Regulatory Authority update: March 2023

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Manatū Hauora’s Vaping Regulatory Authority (the Authority) is focused on compliance with the law as it makes further progress with its vaping product investigations.

Since 21 November 2022, 60 companies have been required to provide product safety information to the Authority. This requirement followed concerns from the Authority that some businesses may have misunderstood the legally permitted levels of nicotine salts in vaping products, meaning some products for sale could exceed these legal limits.

On 30 January 2023, 42 of the 60 companies were asked to provide additional information or clarifications to the Authority, with a deadline of 28 February 2023 for them to demonstrate their products are compliant with the law. This extended deadline took into consideration that the companies were also in the process of submitting their first annual sales returns to the Authority as part of their legislative obligations.

The Authority is currently reviewing the responses provided by these 42 companies and will take the appropriate course of action if investigations identify any products are not complying with current regulations, including working through the prescribed notification cancellation process for these products. Products whose notification has been withdrawn or cancelled can no longer be legally sold in New Zealand.

Thirteen of the 60 companies have withdrawn all of the notifications for the products the Authority requested information on, and no further action is planned at this stage provided those products are no longer sold in New Zealand.



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