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Graphene Electronic Tattoos (GETs): A Revolutionary Skin-Wearable Device for Personalized Healthcare

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Researchers have developed Graphene Electronic Tattoos (GETs), which are skin-wearable electronic devices that can transmit bio-electrical activity in the human body as measurable electrical signals. Made from high-quality single-atom-thick graphene, these optically transparent, lightweight, and flexible tattoos can conform to the skin's micro-curvature and remain in place during movements.

The GETs are optically transparent, lightweight, and flexible, making them adhere and conform to the micro-curvature of the skin, which helps them to remain at the exact positions during use and transmit bioelectrical signals during movements (which would not be possible with other, thick and rigid materials such as gold or silver/silver chloride (Ag/AgCl) gel electrodes).

They have been used to monitor electrophysiological signals, skin temperature, and hydration levels. GETs 2.0, made with multilayer graphene, exhibit significantly improved electrical properties, permeability to sweat, and robustness, making them ideal for monitoring arterial blood pressure continuously and non-invasively. However, GETs are vulnerable to scribing, scratching, or excessive shear pressure, and establishing interconnections is another challenge to solve. Future research aims to explore other 2D materials besides graphene to create wearable devices for personalized healthcare.



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