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  • April 4, 2024
  • WTO

Costa Rica's Update on Nutritional Labeling Standards for Pre-Packaged Foods

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The document outlines Costa Rica's notification of the regulation RTCA 67.04.60:10 for nutritional labeling on pre-packaged food products intended for human consumption by individuals aged three years and older. This regulation, applicable within Central American territories, sets the standards for nutritional labeling on pre-packaged foods, excluding unprocessed foods and those packaged in the presence of consumers, as well as products with negligible nutritional value. An addendum updates the regulation to RTCA 67.01.60:23, inviting WTO member countries to comment within a 60-day period.

Title of document
RTCA 67.04.60:10 Etiquetado Nutricional de Productos Alimenticios Preenvasados para Consumo Humano para la Población a partir de 3 años de edad

Notifying member: Costa Rica




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