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Oeko Test | German Federal Environment Agency presents proposals for companies to levy plastic charges

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In the future, manufacturers of single-use plastic products should share in the disposal costs of their products. A more recent bill provides for this. The Federal Environment Agency has now made suggestions as to which plastic waste could become how expensive.

The Federal Environment Agency (UBA) has for the first time submitted specific proposals as to the extent to which companies should be involved in the disposal of plastic waste. As the authorities announced on Wednesday, they consider a levy of EUR 8.95 per kilogram of waste to be reasonable for cigarette filters containing plastic. The UBA proposes 1.23 euros per kilo for disposable plastic cups. Each plastic product group should have its own cost rates.

Specifically, it is about the levies that manufacturers of single-use plastic products are supposed to pay into a fund. In this way, unlike in the past, they should contribute to the costs of disposal, for example in parks and streets. At the beginning of November, the Federal Cabinet introduced the draft for a corresponding law. According to the UBA, the collection and cleaning of single-use plastic waste costs cities and municipalities up to 434 million euros a year.

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