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  • July 18, 2023
  • WTO

Canada | Established Maximum Residue Limit: Piperonyl butoxide

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Title of document
Established Maximum Residue Limit: Piperonyl butoxide

The proposed maximum residue limit (PMRL) document for piperonyl butoxide notified in G/SPS/N/CAN/1490 (dated 13 March 2023) was adopted 12 July 2023.As per PMRL2023-16, the revocation of the MRL for piperonyl butoxide on raw cereals will take effect to allow sufficient time for legally treated commodities to clear the channels of trade. The expected adoption of the revocation in the MRL database will be on 2 March 2026, 36 months from the date of publication of RVD2023-07 (published 2 March 2023).MRLs established in Canada may be found using Health Canada’s Maximum Residue Limit Database on the Maximum residue limits, human health, and food safety webpage ( The database allows users to search for pesticides or for food commodities.

Notifying member: Canada


Objective tag
Food safety (SPS)


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  • Distribution: 13/07/2023
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