Clean Water Action Backs Philadelphia as it Takes on Pennsylvania in Court Over Plastics Ban

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Clean Water Action on behalf of its 3,213 Philadelphia members came out today in support of the Cityof Philadelphia’s lawsuit challenging the Commonwealth’s pre-emption of Philadelphia’s plastic shopping bag ban. The lawsuit was filed in Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania and is the City’s attempt to push back against the Pennsylvania General Assembly’s actions the last two budget cycles to included last minute provisions that kept creating yearly deals for when municipalities could begin implementing laws they passed to regulate and reduce single use plastics in their community.

“There is no doubt in my mind theseongoing tacticsare an effort by conservative state legislators to specifically target Philadelphia and attempt to protect their benefactors in the plastics industry. Yet thescope of their actions actually hurt every Pennsylvania resident concerned about the environment and looking for their elected officials to take the most effective action they can take to reduce litter and plastic pollution,” said Maurice Sampson, Eastern Pennsylvania Director for Clean Water Action.



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