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OECD Report Highlights Limited Knowledge of Hazard Profiles for PFASs and Alternatives in Coatings, Paints, and Varnishes

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The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has published a draft report on the hazard profile of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs) and alternatives in coatings, paints, and varnishes (CPVs). The report finds that there is limited information on the hazard profiles of many of the substances used in CPVs, including both PFASs and non-PFAS alternatives.

A Lack of Information on Hazard Profiles

The report examines the hazard profiles of 45 substances used in CPVs. Of these substances, only nine have been classified by authorities and 30 by industry. Published assessments by authorities were available for just over half of the fluorinated substances and a significantly lower proportion of the nonfluorinated alternatives. No classifications or hazard assessments were identified for 15 substances.

Regrettable Substitution

This lack of information on the hazard profiles of these substances is a concern because it could lead to regrettable substitution. Regrettable substitution occurs when the use of non-PFAS alternatives in CPVs results in the release of substances with higher environmental and health risks.

OECD Recommendations

The OECD report recommends that further research is needed to fill the gaps in our knowledge of the hazard profiles of FPs, SC PFASs, and non-fluorinated alternatives in CPVs. The report also recommends that industry and governments work together to develop information on the hazard profiles of these substances.


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