• March 17, 2020
  • KEMI

Swedish Enforcement report 9/20: Information on hazardous substances in articles

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The Swedish Chemicals Agency (hereinafter the Chemicals Agency), together with inspectors from 71 municipalities, has conducted a national collaborative project that focuses on information about hazardous substances in articles. The project forms a part of the guidance on enforcement that the Chemicals Agency provides to the municipalities. For a number of years, the Chemicals Agency has carried out collaborative projects with municipalities concerning the inspection of chemical regulations. Earlier collaborative projects have focused on controlling such things as pesticides, jewellery and chemical products. 

Link to the Enforcement 9/20: Information on hazardous substances in articles

Note: tested substances include SCCPs, Lead, Cadmium, Boron, DEHP, Aluminium, DINP, DIBPDEHP, DBPADCA


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