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OECD | Government Risk Management Approaches Used for Chemicals Management

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Government chemicals management frameworks aim to enable the safe use of chemicals and ensure their proper management. The approaches used by governments to manage chemical risks are just one aspect of a larger risk management system with industry as a principal actor. They cover a spectrum of activities varying from a government regulatory response that is command-and-control in nature to policy approaches that aim to incentivise a shift in behaviour. The approaches can be responsive, to an identified existing risk, or proactive/pre-cautionary, aiming to minimise possible future risks. Also, the approaches can be used in combination.

This document provides a synthesis of the various risk management approaches and options that are used by OECD member country government chemical regulatory programmes to manage the risk of chemicals. The scope of the document focuses on the management of risks of industrial and consumer chemicals, i.e., chemicals which are not covered by specific legislations such as pesticides or pharmaceuticals.



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