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Belgium launches public consultation on its draft National Action Plan on Endocrine Disruptors (NAPED)

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The Federal Public Service - SPF Santé Publique, Sécurité de la Chaîne alimentaire et Environnement is inviting citizens to express their views on the draft National Action Plan on Endocrine Disruptors (NAPED), by submitting feedback through a public consultation that will remain open until 14th February 2022. 

This national action plan on endocrine disruptive chemicals (EDCs) will be the first to be set in Belgium, and it will be implemented starting 2022 until December 2026. Priorities of the plan include:

(*) The prevention, regulation and conducting scientific research on endocrine disruptors;

(*) Establishing a comprehensive and consistent framework to reduce exposure to EDCs and limit their effects on human health and the environment in Belgium;

(*) Increasing the visibility of the actions undertaken by the competent authorities.

Endocrine disruptors are harmful to health and the environment. These chemicals can be present in consumer products, such as toys, cosmetics, food and textiles, water, soil and air.



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