• July 10, 2021

Glyphosate, scientific research: “Studies on cancer risk? Not compliant with standards ".

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While a real war is underway over the issue of renewing the approval of the use of glyphosate (after the expiry of the current period, scheduled for the end of 2022), new revelations arrive on the main ingredient of the popular herbicide Roundup of the German pharmaceutical giant Bayer , which bought Monsanto in 2018. According to the 187-page research, "Evaluation of the scientific quality of studies concerning genotoxic properties of glyphosate", funded by the NGO SumOfUs and led by Siegfried Knasmueller and Armen Nersesyan , two experts of genotoxicityof the Cancer Research Institute of the Medical University of Vienna, most of the safety studies submitted to regulatory authorities by large chemical companies do not comply with modern international standards for scientific rigor, while the tests best able to detect cancer risks. These are revelations that promise to change the cards and fuel the heated debate in many countries about the advisability of using glyphosate-based herbicides, suspected of causing cancer.

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