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  • March 9, 2022
  • EFSA

EFSA | Safety and efficacy of a feed additive consisting of ethoxyquin for all animal species

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Ethoxyquin is synthetised from p‐phenetidine, a possible mutagen, which remains in the additive as an impurity at concentrations of < 2.5 mg/kg additive. Ethoxyquin is considered safe for all animal species at the proposed inclusion level of 50 mg/kg complete feed. However, owing the presence of p‐phenetidine, no safe level of the additive in feed for long‐living and reproductive animals could be identified. The FEEDAP Panel derived a health‐based guidance value of 0.006 mg ethoxyquin dimer (EQDM)/kg bw per day and applied it to the sum of ethoxyquin and its transformation products.



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