China MEE Approves 156 Simplified Notifications of New Chemical Substances

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On 28 Jan 2019, China’s Ministry of Ecology and Environment (MEE) issued the first batch of 156 simplified notifications that have been approved in 2019. For the simplified notifications , most new chemical substances were notified through the special case of simplified notification (6 special cases). The others were notified through the general case of simplified notification, namely the new substance is manufactured/imported in quantities below 1 tonne per annum.

On 8 Jan 2019, China MEE issued the draft Regulation on Chemical Substance Environmental Risk Assessment and Control for public consultation. As proposed, a record-keeping system will be adopted in place of the current simplified notification. In addition, new substances used at below 100kg/year for R&D or reference standards will be exempt from new chemical substance notification (CL news). Stakeholders are welcome to comment before 20 Feb 2019.



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