ECHA updates the registry of restriction intention related to cobalt salts and single-use nappies

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The Registry of restriction intentions until outcome has been updated:

(*) Substances in single-use nappies: Intention – France - Restriction on the placing on the market of disposable baby diapers containing the following chemical/chemical groups, such as PAHs, Formaldehyde, dioxins, furans, PCBs, ... - ECHA Infocard

(*) Cobalt carbonatecobalt di(acetate); cobalt dichloride; cobalt dinitrate; cobalt sulphate: Opinion development – ECHA - Restricting the placing on the market of certain chemicals and use of professional and industrial use of the 5 cobalt salts where adequate control cannot be demonstrated. The restriction may also be implemented by imposing operational conditions and risk management measures. - ECHA Infocard

Link to the Registry of restriction intentions until outcome


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