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One in four substances recovered from waste non-compliant with REACH

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Results from a Forum pilot enforcement project on substances recovered from waste reveal that 26 % of checked substances are in breach of REACH.

Helsinki, 8 November 2022 – Inspectors checked 46 cases to find out if substances recovered from waste met the conditions for exemption from REACH registration. Firstly, they examined if the recovered and registered substances are the same and secondly if information on safe use was available.

Inspectors also confirmed that safety data sheets (SDSs) were provided with recovered substances and mixtures in 96 % of the cases. When SDSs were lacking information, the main concern was unclear substance identity. 37 % of the inspected cases did not meet the main CLP Regulation requirements on classification, labelling and packaging.

The non-compliances found during the pilot project led to written advice, fines and administrative orders.

The cooperation between the national REACH and waste inspectors and other national inspectorates was a key element in this project, with collaboration such as joint inspections in 70 % of cases.


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