18 NGOs write to REACH committee ahead of potential vote on a restriction on tattoo inks and permanent make-up

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In the last REACH committee meeting (17-18 September), you have started discussing the proposal for a restriction on tattoo inks and permanent make up. The proposal will be further discussed and potentially voted in the REACH committee meeting foreseen on 19-20 November. The undersigned organisations support the development of a Europe-wide restriction, which we believe is the most effective way to improve information on chemical exposure through tattoo inks and permanent make up and ensure the same levels of protection for all Europeans. Today, we are reaching out to you in order to share our assessment of the proposal on the table and suggest ways to improve it in the most health-protective way. A tattoo can be an important means of cultural or self-expression and is popular among Europeans – it is estimated that almost one in ten Europeans has a tattoo, with a higher prevalence among younger generations (up to 20-30%), according to the EU’s Joint Research Centre.1 At the moment, levels of information and regulation differ across Member States, and we believe that the restriction under development provides an important opportunity to raise information and protection levels in order to help tattoo receivers and professionals alike to make informed choices. 

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