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Bio4Products unlocks the potential of biomass integration into four end products

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In a drive to replace fossil material in a wide variety of end products, Bio4Products is creating four bio-based products for which at least 30% of the original fossil-based stream is substituted with sustainable resources, and which deliver a 75% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. The project’s technological developments will help the industry unlock the potential of the bioeconomy.

The EU-funded project Bio4Products is showing how bio-resources such as straw, bark, forest residue and sunflower husks can hold the key to a more environmentally friendly future for Europe’s process industry through correct exploitation and move away from the fossil-based materials processing steams.

Bio4Products will demonstrate the integration of these sustainable resources into four end products: roofing material, phenolic resins, sand moulding resins, and engineered wood and natural fibre reinforced products.



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