• August 31, 2021
  • EFSA

EU modifies maximum cadmium levels in some food products

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On 11 August 2021 the Commission regulation (EU) 2021/1323 was published in the Official Journal. This modifies regulation (EC) no. 1881/2006 as regards the maximum levels of cadmium in some food products. The European Food Safety Authority concluded that cadmium is especially toxic to the kidneys and particularly to proximal tubular cells, where it accumulates over time and can cause kidney dysfunction. In view of the toxic effects of cadmium on the kidneys, the authority established a tolerable weekly dose of cadmium of 2.5 μg / kg body weight.

An evaluation of the most recent occurrence data collected after the implementation of mitigation measures shows that a reduction in the presence of cadmium in many food products is now achievable. It is therefore appropriate to reduce the existing maximum levels for cadmium or to establish maximum levels for such foodstuffs. Regulation (EC) No. 1881/2006. Since cadmium is an indirect genotoxic carcinogen, and its presence consequently poses a high risk to public health, cadmium-containing products that do not comply with the new maximum levels placed on the market before the entry into force of this Regulation should remain in place. trade for a limited time only.

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