Mexico | Environmental management requires a new ethic and strengthening of the legal framework

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With the aim of achieving a true biocultural transition towards a sustainable conservation model that includes economic and social growth, it is essential to return to different elements that past administrations left aside, since they are key to achieving a policy of comprehensive participation by all sectors. , that is not limited to the protection of ecosystems through prohibitionist policies and does not obey market interests.

Horacio Bonfil Sánchez, general director of Forest and Soil Management of Semarnat, agreed on this; Ramón Silva Flores, general coordinator of Conservation and Restoration of Conafor, and Roberto Aviña Carlín, national commissioner of Protected Natural Areas, when participating in the second day of the videoconference cycle organized by the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources with the theme: “ Biocultural transition: new approaches to conservation and other management models ”.

Source: (Autoatically translated from Spanish)


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