ECOS | Call for tenders: Behind the labels of plastic products

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Since the 1950’s, the consumption of plastics worldwide was multiplied by over than 200, reaching 359 million tonnes in 2018. Global plastic consumption is expected to be multiplied by 3 by 2050. As plastic consumption is increasing, so is plastic pollution. Plastics are widely used in single-use and short-term applications (single-use plastics account for around 40% of plastics produced), which exacerbated our throw-away culture and shed light on our incapacity to deal with plastic waste globally.

ECOS aims to commission a study enabling ECOS to debunk typical misleading and false claims found on plastic products, and make recommendations for an effective, trustworthy communication to consumers in order to better protect and empower them.

This study is intended to provide a contribution to the implementation of the European Commission’s CEAP, inform partners part of the ‘Break Free From Plastic’ movement and the Plastic Solutions Fund, and help ECOS to develop recommendations to product manufacturers.

Furthermore, the study will focus on fast-moving consumer goods, sporting labels, marking and claims directly targeting consumers and meant to influence their choices (for instance on the packaging of these products). The study will focus on the most widespread applications of plastics for consumer goods: packaging (accounting for 42% of plastics globally) and textiles (17,5%).



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