New EU mandate to define long-term aquatic hazard for copper substances

The European Chemical Agency published a note to give a mandate to the Risk Assessment Committee (RAC)RAC to develop and adopt an opinion on the M-factors for long-term aquatic hazard for the copper substances listed in Commission Regulation (EU) 2016/1179.  The opinion should be based, in particular, on the information contained in the harmonised classification dossier for copper, granulated adopted by RAC at its 45th meeting (June 2018).

ECHA considers that due to the limited scope of the request and the recent discussion on the environmental classification of copper, granulated, it is considered that the opinion be prepared in a shorter time than usually required for an opinion on a harmonised classification dossier. The European Commission expects that ECHA finalises the analysis, develops its opinion related to M-factors for long-term aquatic hazard for the copper compounds listed in Commission Regulation (EU) 2016/1179 including conducting a targeted public consultation on the draft RAC opinion within 8 months.



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