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  • September 13, 2023
  • WTO

Korea Announces Revision of Household Chemical Product Standards

The Korean Ministry of Environment has issued Administrative Notice No. 2023-522, announcing a partial revision of the "Designation of Household Chemical Products Subject to Safety Confirmation and Safety and Labeling Standards." The notice, released on September 6, 2023, serves to inform the public about the upcoming changes and solicit their feedback in accordance with Article 46 of the Administrative Procedure Act.

The primary objective behind this revision is to enhance and supplement the management system for household chemical products. It aims to strengthen essential safety standards and streamline regulations by incorporating the findings of risk assessments conducted under the Chemical Product Safety Act for various household chemical products.

Key revisions include:

Strengthening Essential Safety Standards

  • Addition of safety standards for prohibited and restricted substances in 20 categories, including detergents and laundry detergents.
  • Introduction of mandatory usage precautions for products like deodorants, bleach, beauty adhesives, and artificial snow sprays.
  • Enhancement of safety standards for containers or packaging, expanding child protection packaging requirements.

Scope Clarification for 'Household Chemical Products for Humidifiers'

  • Inclusion of a 'humidifier' definition to clarify the applicability of safety confirmation for related products.

Improvement and Rationalization of Regulations

  • Relaxation of methyl methacrylate safety standards in cosmetic adhesives, with specific conditions.
  • Addition of preservative substances permitted in 19 products, including detergents and removers.
  • Modification of container and packaging safety standards for large-capacity products.
  • Application of biodegradability standards for laundry products containing surfactants, irrespective of their synthetic or natural origin.

Other Changes

  • Currentization of items subject to approval.
  • Clarification of timing for applying revisions to safety and labeling standards.
  • Clear guidelines on safety standards for heavy metal substances.
  • Introduction of recommended precautions for use and improved pictogram display methods.

Title of document

“Designation of Consumer Chemical Products subject to Safety Verification, and Safety and Labeling Standards Thereof”



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