Forum for enforcement reviews results of its restriction project and agrees on new actions

The results of the fourth enforcement projects revealed relatively high incidence of products that are incompliant with conditions of restriction for phthalates, cadmium and asbestos. At its 28th meeting, the Forum also held a well-attended open session with stakeholder organisations and discussed potential actions related to the duty to use animal testing as a last resort. BPR inspectors agreed to target treated articles in their first enforcement project.

At the meeting, the Forum endorsed the preliminary results of its fourth major enforcement project, REF-4, focusing on the control of compliance with the conditions set out for selected (*) restrictions in Annex XVII to REACH. 

Inspectors checked 5 625 chemical products, of which, 18 % did not comply with the conditions laid down in the restriction. The most frequently detected breaches were the presence of phthalates in toys (19.7 %), cadmium in brazing fillers above the allowed concentration (14.1 %) and asbestos fibres in products (13.6 %). The products containing asbestos were mostly second-hand, and produced before the restriction came into force. Inspectors also frequently found overly high concentrations of chromium VI in leather articles and cadmium in jewellery.

The Forum will discuss the REF-4 project report to be published before year end at its next meeting in March 2018. It will also consider how to address the relatively high degree of infringements found.


(*) According to the document released by ECHA on 26.6.2015, REF-4 was expected to cover also the following substances: benzene, nickel and its compounds, chloroform, azocolourants and azodyes, diphenyl ether, octabromo derivative C12H2Br8O, Toluenetetrachlorobenzene.


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